Using Space at Matrix

(Please note that, in accordance with campus policy, the Matrix offices are currently not available due to the COVID-19 pandemic.)

Matrix has two meeting rooms that may be requested, the Matrix Conference Room, which holds up to 70 in a lecture-style configuration, and the H. Michael and Jeanne Williams Seminar Room, which seats 16 people. We are not able to accommodate events that exceed these numbers. This page provides an overview of policies related to using the Matrix space.image of the matrix space

Matrix is a home for social scientists on campus. It is a mid-sized, intimate space where we work, and we endeavor to make it a resource for the social science community. Use of the space is prioritized for Matrix activities, activities coming directly out of our programming, and activities organized by our affiliated research centers. When they are available, Matrix meeting rooms also may be requested by other UC Berkeley organizations for social science-related events such as public lectures, research workshops, and colloquia. We are unable to provide space for classes and administrative meetings. We are also unable to provide event support, as Matrix is not an event rental space or conference facility.

If you represent a Matrix Affiliated Research Center, different policies may apply. Please indicate the Affiliated Research Center you represent on the reservation request form and contact Eva Seto for details at


Matrix has two meeting rooms that may be requested, the H. Michael and Jeanne Williams Seminar Room, which seats 16 people, and the Matrix Conference Room, which holds up to 70 in a lecture-style configuration. We are not able to accommodate events that exceed these numbers. Due to fire safety concerns, we cannot admit additional guests once capacity has been reached.

Matrix Conference Room

Measuring 22′ x 33’—with capacity for up to 70 people—the Matrix Conference Room is our largest space for lectures, workshops, and other presentations. Chairs and tables are available and can be set up in either a roundtable or lecture configuration.

H. Michael and Jeanne Williams Seminar Room

Measuring 14’ x 26’, the H. Michael and Jeanne Williams Seminar Room seats up to 16 people, or if a couple chairs are added, possibly 18.


Reservations may be made no more than four months in advance. We can provide space for up to three events a semester per requesting unit. Please note that we have limited availability for full-day or multi-day events or conferences.

Reservations are generally available during our business hours: Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. Events must be broken down, cleaned up, and rooms cleared of guests by 5pm. Due to our limited staff, we are not always able to accommodate weekend, evening, or early morning requests. If we are able to secure back-up staff coverage, additional fees to cover extended hours will apply.

Please note:

    • The balcony on the 8th floor does not belong solely to Matrix and is not available for use when requesting space at Matrix. In general, the balcony is locked and alarmed in accordance with public safety concerns.

    • Our upstairs office space is not open for public use.


There is a $100 cleaning fee for all users; a $300 cleaning charge is applied for all events where food and/or drink is served.

We do not require a deposit, but all users must provide a chart string on the reservation form, which we will use in case of any damage to the space incurred during the event.

Any event that arrives before 9am or stays past 5pm will be required to pay $20 an hour to cover back-up staffing expenses; permission to run the event beyond Matrix’s hours of operation is contingent on the availability of back-up staff. Be advised that any increment of time less than an hour will still be charged for the full hour. Please note the Matrix does not have custodial and facilities staff. It is the responsibility of the person organizing the event to set up, clean up, and breakdown the event held in our space, and to budget time accordingly.


Each of our meeting rooms has a projector that may be requested on the reservation request form and used at no additional charge. You must provide your own laptop and any necessary adaptors to connect to the projector. Internet access is provided via the usual campus Wi-Fi Services like AirBears2, CalVisitor, and Eduroam.

We are not able to provide technical assistance. Please carefully review this instruction sheet if you intend to operate the projectors.

If use of an assistive listening system is required, please indicate this on the reservation request form. (Please note that the assistive listening system is only available for the Matrix Conference Room). Instructions on using the assistive listening system can be found here.

For technical support, use of microphones, and any related services, please contact Educational Technology Services.

Set-Up and Cleaning

Matrix is not able to provide event support; the event organizer must be present for the duration of the event and is responsible for the following:

    • Posting and taking down any signage

    • Directing attendees to the reserved space

    • Setting up the room configuration

    • Meeting caterers and ETS at the reserved space when they arrive

    • Testing any equipment being used

    • Returning the room to its original configuration at the end of the event unless otherwise stated by Matrix staff

    • Cleaning up the space after the event

Food and Drink

Food and drink may be served in the H. Michael and Jeanne Williams Seminar Room and, for groups of fewer than 30 people, in the Matrix Conference Room (roundtable configuration only).

The lobby may not be used to serve food or as a location to congregate. Lobby furniture may not be moved.

If you are serving food at your event, it is your responsibility to put out garbage cans (available in the copy room) in the reserved room, return them to their original location after the event, and take out the trash to the dumpster on the south side of Barrows Hall.

For catered events, you must be present to meet and work with the caterer. There is no kitchen access.

If you plan to serve alcoholic beverages, you will require an alcohol permit from UCPD. The completed form should be 1) submitted to Matrix via email to for approval no less than three weeks before your event; 2) then submitted to UCPD for their approval no less than two weeks before your event and; 3) emailed to Matrix ( before the event. For more information on alcohol permits and how to request them, please go to the UCPD website.


Matrix is wheelchair accessible via the east entrance of Barrows Hall and Elevator 2, which goes directly to the 8th floor. Please note that Matrix is not responsible for servicing the elevator, should it not work during an event.


If your event is cancelled, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance or a charge will be incurred.

Reservation Requests

Reservation requests must be submitted using our online form. Please do not call or email with these requests. You will receive an email to confirm the status of your reservation request within seven business days. Your reservation is not final until you receive this confirmation.

Submit an online reservation request here.

Thank you for your interest, and please contact us at with any questions.