Funding Opportunities from Foundation Relations and Corporate Philanthropy

Matrix is pleased to partner with the UC Berkeley Office of Foundation Relations and Corporate Philanthropy in sharing resources to assist researchers in their corporate and foundation giving. Visit the FRCP’s website for an up-to-date list of current funding opportunities. You can also join FRCP’s mailing list to receive monthly communications with new funding opportunities.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Culture of Health Systems

Deadline: 10/5/22

Provides funding for a new cohort of research studies to produce new, actionable evidence about how to help medical, social, and public health systems work together to address structural barriers to health and health equity. Funding amounts: $100k – $500k.

Wellcome Trust: Advancing climate mitigation policy solutions

Deadline: 10/31/22

This award will fund collaborations between researchers and policy actors who have a clear opportunity to influence climate mitigation policies with substantial health effects. Successful applicants will generate evidence that will support policymakers in G7 countries to advance transformative health-centred changes in the food systems, transport, energy or housing sectors. Funding: Up to £2M (over 3 years)

Russell Sage Foundation: Behavioral Science and Decision Making in Context

Deadline: 11/9/22

This program encourages perspectives from multiple disciplines to further our understanding of economic, social, political, and psychological decision-making processes, attitudes, behaviors, and institutional practices in public and private contexts such as policing/criminal legal systems, employment, housing, politics, racial/ethnic relations, and immigration. Up to $175K

Russell Sage Foundation: Future Of Work

Deadline: 11/9/22         

The program supports innovative research on the causes and consequences of changes in the quality of jobs for low- and moderately paid workers and their families in the U.S. Funding: Up to $175K

Jacob & Valeria Langeloth Foundation

Deadline: Two funding cycles annually: June 10th, November 30th

The program aims to create a more equitable and humane justice system. Current funding priorities include multi-pronged approaches to eliminate the use of solitary confinement, including supporting a national campaign that provides resources to state and local coalitions. No amount limitations.

Kresge Foundation: Racial Justice Grantmaking

Deadline: Rolling Applications

Their Racial Justice Grantmaking program will provide general operating support to local organizations working to address racial inequities in their respective communities; including efforts to advance change led by residents of color, strengthen local economies, support small businesses owned by people of color, and better coordinate community systems so as to facilitate lasting, large-scale community transformation. Funding will be prioritized for organizations operating in Fresno, CA.

Rosenberg Foundation: LOI Submissions

Deadline: Rolling Applications

The Rosenberg Foundation currently makes grants in four priority areas – Leading Edge Fund, Justice and Public Safety, Immigrant Rights and Immigrant Workers’ Rights, and Civil Rights and Civic Participation. The foundation works closely with social justice advocates, policy makers and other thought leaders throughout the state to identify the strategies that will best help us achieve positive impact in California within each program. As such, most of our grantee partners are identified and contacted by foundation staff first. In addition, we frequently invest in emerging initiatives and organizations, and are committed to long-term relationships with our grant partners. Application Procedure: Letter of Inquiries accepted by email to Grants Manager, Linda Moll. Budget: Grants are typically in the $10K-$50K range.

Impact Fund: Social, Environmental and Economic justice programs

Deadline: Rolling Applications

The Impact Fund awards recoverable grants to legal services nonprofits, private attorneys, and/or small law firms who seek to advance justice in the areas of civil and human rights, environmental justice, and/or poverty law. Funding amount: $10K-$50K

The Knight Foundation: Research on the Future Internet

Deadline: Rolling Applications

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation seeks to support fundamental research that addresses issues of rules, norms and governance of the internet and digital platforms. Recent research, policy debates and public controversies have highlighted the absence of uniform consensus on the norms, rights and responsibilities that should govern digital services, in particular social media. We wish to fund scholarly inquiry and novel approaches that will strengthen our democracy as the digital age progresses.

Internet Society Foundation: Future & Sustainability of the Internet

Deadline: Rolling Applications

Through the program grants are available for research focused in one of two categories: (1) Greening the Internet and (2) the Internet Economy.

Arnold Ventures: Moving the Needle” Initiative

Deadline: Rolling Applications

This initiative seeks to demonstrate the power of evidence-based programs to “Move the Needle” on major U.S. social problems. No amount limitations.

Omidyar Network: Economic Response Advocacy Fund

Deadline: Rolling Applications

The Omidyar Network welcomes applications to the Economic Response Advocacy Fund. This grant will infuse 501(c)(4) funding into national, state, and local advocacy and organizing efforts aimed at passing economic stimulus to address the immediate toll of the COVID-19 pandemic on working people while reshaping economic structures to ensure they are less vulnerable in the future.

Unchartered: Economic Inequality Initiative

Deadline: None

Unchartered is dedicated to elevating solutions that increase wealth in the near term while building towards addressing the root causes themselves. In support of this mission, they are launching the Economic Inequality initiative to support eight early-stage social entrepreneurs, movement builders, and nonprofit innovators who are tackling wealth inequality in the U.S. Applications accepted via website. Budget: up to $25K.

Smith-Richardson Foundation
Domestic Policy
International Security & Foreign Policy

Deadline: Rolling Applications

The mission of the Smith Richardson Foundation is to contribute to important public debates and to address serious public policy challenges facing the United States. The Foundation seeks to help ensure the vitality of our social, economic, and governmental institutions. It also seeks to assist with the development of effective policies to compete internationally and to advance U.S. interests and values abroad.

  • Budget: No limitations
  • Application Procedure: The Foundation has a two-stage application process. Initial inquiries should be submitted by mail in the form of the concept paper. Interested applicants may contact Sylvia Bierhuis for pre-application counseling.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Evidence for Action

Deadline: Rolling Applications

E4A awards grants to encourage and support innovative, rigorous research on the impact of programs, policies, and practices on health and well-being, with a particular focus on research that will help advance health and racial equity. Racial equity refers to the conditions in which race or ethnicity no longer predicts a person’s ability to live a healthy life. Letters of intent are accepted on a rolling basis. Contact Sylvia Bierhuis ( or David Siegfried (

Public Welfare Foundation: Adult Criminal Justice Program

Deadline: Rolling applications

The program aims to create a more equitable and humane justice system. Current funding priorities include multi-pronged approaches to eliminate the use of solitary confinement, including supporting a national campaign that provides resources to state and local coalitions. No amount limitations.

Charles Koch Foundation: Trade Policy Research

Deadline: Rolling

The foundation invites proposals for research and related projects aimed at bridging the gap between theory and practice and contributing to contemporary debates around important trade-policy issues. Areas of priority include: National Industrial Policy, Getting Our Approach to Trade with China Right, and Free Trade and Flourishing.

Amazon: Alexa Fairness in AI

Deadline: Rolling

Alexa AI-Natural Understanding’s (NU) mission is to build and enable engaging, world-class conversational AI capabilities that are broadly accessible. Priority will be given to the following project areas: transparency, explainability, and accountability in AI systems;  theories of computational/algorithm fairness and factors that affect algorithmic trustworthiness; detecting and ameliorating adverse biases in data and algorithms, and fairness-aware design of algorithms; and metrics and methods for designing, piloting, and evaluating systems that mitigate against adverse biases and ensure fairness, including the use of human-machine collaboration and decision support.

Andrew Mellon Foundation: Humanities in Place Monuments Project

Deadline: Rolling

The Monuments Project is a signature initiative to reimagine and rebuild commemorative spaces and transform the way history is told in the United States. The project seeks to ensure that future generations inherit a memorial landscape that venerates and reflects the vast, rich complexity of the American experience, and tells a fuller, more inclusive story of our history and our many different forbearers. Funding level: up to $250M (over five years).

Arnold Ventures: Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs)

Deadline: Rolling        

Arnold Ventures is accepting letters of interest for Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) focused on testing criminal justice programs and practices. The ultimate goal of this effort is to build credible evidence about “what works” to improve criminal justice outcomes and, in particular, grow the number of criminal justice interventions rigorously shown to better people’s lives. No amount limitations