Services & Support

Matrix provides a full range of research services and resources to support social scientists working at UC Berkeley.

We support affiliated faculty members, graduate students, and researchers who need assistance in managing their sponsored research portfolios. Our research development team helps with every aspect of the grant process so that you can focus on your research. Matrix can provide help with:

  • Facilitating research for PI’s, including all aspects of research administration.
  • Identifying research funding opportunities.
  • Contacting program officers.
  • Assisting with proposal writing and research team building.
  • Acting as liaison between PI’s and Campus Shared Services, the central Sponsored Projects Office at Berkeley, and sponsoring agencies.
  • Serving as an organizational home for research projects, including helping to provide administrative review as necessary but also helping to promote and disseminate findings.

Direct Funding

We provide a range of funding opportunities to enable multi-disciplinary social science research to flourish at Berkeley. For example, each academic year, we sponsor a series of Matrix Seminars, which bring together groups of scholars to meet regularly to explore or develop a question of social science import, with preference given to those in which students and faculty collaborate across disciplines, within or beyond the social sciences. Visit our funding page to see all the latest opportunities.