UC Berkeley Psychology Celebrates 100 Years

berkeley psychology 100th

The UC Berkeley Department Department cordially invites you to attend the launch event in celebration of its 100th anniversary. This event will feature “lightning talks” – short form-presentations – from four distinguished members of our faculty, showcasing the exciting research being conducted in our top-ranked department. In addition to illustrating the cutting-edge science of Berkeley Psychology, the program will also make clear the relevance of the department’s work to addressing some of the most pressing issues confronting us today.

In addition to these lightning talks from current faculty, we will celebrate the foundation built by retired faculty and those who embody our exciting future.


  • Rhona Weinstein, Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology
  • Silvia Bunge, Professor, Department of Psychology & Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute | Director, Building Blocks of Cognition Lab
  • Allison Harvey, Professor, Department of Psychology | Director, Golden Bear Sleep and Mood Research Clinic
  • Rich Ivry, Professor, Department of Psychology | Director, Cognition and Action Lab
  • Rodolfo Mendoza Denton, Professor, Department of Psychology | Co-Director, Relationships and Social Cognition Lab
  • Monica Ellwood-Lowe, Ph.D. student
  • Hari Srinivisan, Undergraduate Class of 2022