Matrix on Point: One Million COVID Deaths

A series of cross-disciplinary conversations on today’s most pressing issues

covid virus

As we approach the grim milestone of one million deaths in the United States, taking stock of the personal and collective consequences of the global COVID-19 pandemic becomes an urgent task for social scientists. This Matrix on Point panel will examine the physical, material and psychological toll of the past two years of rampant disease, on and off social distancing, and shifting economic ground. It will analyze the unequal distribution of the pandemic’s burden across the population, discuss the long-term scarring that may ensue, and contemplate the (possibly more uplifting) lessons to be drawn for the future.


  • Dacher Keltner, Professor of Psychology and Co-Director of the Greater Good Science Center
  • Tina Sacks, Associate Professor, UC Berkeley School of Social Welfare; author, Invisible Visits: Black Middle Class Women in the American Healthcare System (Oxford, 2019)
  • Andrew Wooyoung Kim, Assistant Professor of Biological Anthropology, UC Berkeley Department of Anthropology
  • Iris Mauss (moderator), Professor, Berkeley Psychology


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