Social Science Matrix is directed by Professor William Hanks and supported by Dean Carla Hesse. The Matrix Research Network was coordinated most recently by Lynsay Skiba, Associate Director of Programs for Matrix. Other Matrix staff members who were involved in its development include Mia Bruch, Nils Gilman, Chuck Kapelke, Rachel Park, and Eva Seto.

Elaine Sedenberg, a PhD Candidate in the UC Berkeley School of Information, provided invaluable technical expertise and leadership from the project's inception. Working closely with Matrix staff and the software designer, she assessed data availability, wrote code to parse and analyze the data in the early phases, conducted network demonstrations for beta testing purposes, and trained and advised our student data team.

We are grateful for the tremendous contributions of the student data team who compiled and organized data for the project. William Ratliff led the data team, and members include Matt Nagamine, Elizabeth Reali, Spencer Yee, Monica Chitre, Maryam Moeini Meybodi, and Anastasia Yip.

We are also immensely grateful for the contributions of Eric Berlow and his colleague, Richard Williams, who made this data visualization possible through their Mappr platform. Eric in particular has been a friend and partner since the project’s outset, from initial conception to refining the final product. We also thank Rakuten Inc. for use of this data visualization platform.

Finally, we offer our sincerest thanks for the generosity, time, and assistance of Russ Acker, Susan Edwards, Froylan Fernandes, Noam Manor, Erik Mitchell, and Andrew Smith.