Graduate Student Research Associates


Graduate Student Research Associates serve limited-term appointments during the academic year. As UC Berkeley’s flagship institute for cross-disciplinary social science research, Matrix believes that social science inquiry contributes relevant and actionable knowledge, not only about the social world, but also about the university and the generation of knowledge.

Working in consultation with faculty and Matrix leadership, the Graduate Student Research Associates are responsible for outlining emerging fields of inquiry. Matrix Research Associates have the opportunity to identify and study an emerging, transdisciplinary field and produce a body of work related to this research. Each Research Associate is responsible for producing a portfolio, consisting of 1) a blog entry or short article (between 1500 and 2500 words) that describes a cross-disciplinary research field and provides an overview of the main issues driving scholarship in that area, 2) an annotated bibliography that critically summarizes key works, and 3) a directory of scholars whose work pertains to this field locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Please stay tuned to the Matrix site for information about upcoming Graduate Student Research Associate opportunities.